What exactly do you do?

What exactly do you do?

What exactly do you do?

How many kids know what their parents do for work?  And why don’t they know?  Even spouses don’t often know what their partner actually does at work.

We love talking to people about what they do.  You know, exactly what they do.

Every job is fascinating, if you’re willing to ask about it.


First test podcast

This is a song we recently wrote, and asked some friends of ours to record in a style that differs from ours . . . uh . . . substantially.

We are mainly using it for a test run on setting up the podcast.  In the future, the posts here will consist of our discussing one of our songs, followed by a recording of that song.

Play the song here:

We hope you will subscribe to our podcast, and in the meantime, we give you “Rise Up,” which is also available for download here:


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